Penang Activities

Date: 5th march

Venue: Pulau Pinang

Ticket was booked on December 2009 to claim my credit amount from Airasia. Still remember the incident that i was unable to attend my Uni fren wedding dinner at KL? So i'm using the credit amount to go penang to meet fren :)
Luckily i got my frens with me at pg.They bought me to try asam laksa, buns with chicken floss with bak kwa and special sauce & dessert. The weather was very humid and the dessert was just nice to cure the hotness.

Penang Asam Laksa


Bun with chicken floss, bak kwa and special sauce. Taste delicious

The official page is here if you would like to explore more about the culture
Entrance fee was RM10 per pax.They will give you a sticker to stick on it as the entrance pass. Everyday with different colour of the sticker so no chance to use back the same sticker.
As you can see, there is familiar scenes from the mansion which u can see in Little Nyonya Singapore Drama.
Random snaps of each corner inside the mansion.
Snaps of the entrance before we step in the mansion. Articles of the Little Nyonya also shown at the door entrance to promote the peranakan culture

Once u step in, u can see the big halls and the dining area where they will have Tok Panjang. Shown in the drama show.

Rooms snaps

Upstairs living rooms snaps...

More snaps...

The kitchen where nyonya cooks good foods to serve the family members and frens...

Ancestors Hall..

Went to Hard Rock Hotel Penang on that nite. Had nice ambience but the food so so only. Most important i like the companion on that nite.hehe!!

His order: burger with french fries..

My Fish & chips

Beautiful nite with nice companion..

After the dinner, we headed to Sunset bistro to join the gang :) Followed by flight back to JB in the afternoon and back to Sg at nite. Tiring but wonderful trip


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