What is Love all about?

LOVE – Just when you thought you found it, you lost it.

LOVE – Just when you thought you won’t have it, you met 1.

LOVE – Just when you thought u understand, you get into a dilemma whether you really do.

LOVE – Just when you are getting upset over it, the special someone held you in his arm embrace and console you.

LOVE - is waking up in you arm embrace.

LOVE – is spending quality time together.

LOVE – is just wanting to be with you.

LOVE – is when an argument is settled and we are back together in each other’s arms.

LOVE – is you surprising me with a peck on my forehead when I am unaware.

LOVE – is giving me a big tight hug from you when I am feeling down.

LOVE - is your encouragement when I could not make it for my papers.

LOVE – is your care when I am ill.

LOVE – is you coming back in the midst of your work to ensure I am fine.

LOVE – is the meals you prepare.

LOVE – is the nitty-gritties together.

LOVE – is watching a movie together even if it may not be any of our interest.

LOVE – is sitting by the beach together and enjoying the sea breeze.

LOVE – is you showing me to your family and friends and introducing me as your the other half.

LOVE – is the good morning and goodnight kisses you give everyday.

LOVE – is accepting me for who I am.

LOVE – is doing marketing together.

LOVE - is saying “I do” in front of the familes and friends.

LOVE – is planning our future together.

LOVE – is when our newborn is being brought to this world.

LOVE – is watching our children grow.

LOVE – is holding our hands tightly even when our hair turn grey.

LOVE – is all about YOU & ME.

LOVE – is ironic, ain’t it? <3
Which <3>


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