Crack my Egg

Finally crack the egg and looking forward to crack my tough begining life in KL.Taking bus to meet client in KL really a 'good' experience. U need to spend at least 3o minutes for a bus and on top of that the bus is filled with foreign workers, negro and malays.I don't see chinese people taking bus at all. The bus condition is totally different from Singapore. U cannot find a clean bus in KL. The seat handle of th bus are all rusted and the cushion are dark in colour and sticky as well. Some of the bus stop button is not working as well. It happened on the bus i took today. This is my second day to take the same bus again. I need to inform the bus conductor to stop the bus. Imagine if the bus is pack with passenger, how are you going to ask the bus to stop for u?
Other than that,we also need to beware of molestor and pickpocket. THey like to take action especially when the bus is packed with people. Their hands are too itchy i guess. Keep moving it up and down and keep touching u. No wonder my fren told me that they dun take bus in KL.She mentioned that the KL Bus meant for foreigners.
For me, i keep telling myself this is the challenge that i need to go thru. No car at this moment really caused inconvenient but then i will learn to appreciate and cherish what i can and able to do now to achieve what i want to. May my aim able to fulfill soon. Giving myself a time period to get thru it and prove the result.
One more thing..i'm eating mamak stall everyday!This is so sickening dy. Can you imagine i have roti kosong every morning. The mamak stall is just next to my office. So i dont have many choices.I gonna think wat to eat for the next week dy.
Some of my colleagues are going to resign next week. So sad but i hope they can reconsider to give themselves a period of time to get thru this challenge. Tough times hard to pass but i think determination plays a part as well.Hopefully i can develop a strong determination to pull myself over this period.
CHeers to me and everyone. Thanks for my encouraging frens who drop by my blog to show their positive encouragement :)


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