On the 19th

26years of journey in life. Lotsa of ups and down.Thanks for my parents of course for bringing me to this world to see how big it is.I know sound a bit dramatic.But apparently i have no feel (like extremely happy) on my birthday. I dun know is it because the age is catching up or i have no mood to celebrate. It's just the same old day that i need to go thru with all the obstacles. It's just a normal day for me.

Things was going on smoothly early of the year regardless work,relationships & life. Work was stable and everything apparently on the right track which i thought so. But in the end, it's not. Everything happened at the same time and i was lost and so depressed with it. Things wasn't going smoothly after that. Thanks to my family & supportive frens who always provide me with positive encouragement to make me keep going. Apparently i lost weight during the period.Omg..i think it's a good way to slim down in an unhealthy way.
On the 18th which is the a day before my birthday, my colleagues organized a karaoke session at Neway Times Square. We went there after the work and invited our ex-colleagues who left us few weeks ago. Unexpectedly before ending session, they brought out a b'day cake for me and one of my colleagues. His birthday day was 2 days earlier than me so they celebrated for us. So feel touching~Actually while singing K, i was waiting for my client to drop by to Times Square. He was supposed to come around 8 plus but in the end he turned up around 10pm and luckily i managed to close the sales. So after the session ended, my colleague is kind enough to drop me at one of the KTM station. It was then raining heavily and 11pm already. I'm all alone. Damn scary. Waited at the open KTM station for 30 mins with the pouring rain, i feel so emo & helpless. I must make sure i won't be in such state anymore. This is a promise to myself. Tough times are meant to be training ground for us but i must get thru it and be positive although that particular time i do not feel positive at all. Eyes kinda watery.

Luckily Evelyn called me and accompany me and chat and give me words of encouragement and ease my sadness. Really thanks her for being there for me. So i managed to catch the last train back to KEPONG station. Most of the passengers are guys and i damn scare. The most scary part is that there are black skin people. I need to be alert all the time.
Luckily KS & her sis came to fetch me. The whole station is very dark and the road lights are not on at all. This is our country. Never ever go back alone after 10pm coz it is damn unsecure. So managed to reach home safely around 12.45am. This is how i spent the nite.
Then the next day shld be happy coz going to meet dato to close sales. But i kena marah by a customer rushing for the money to bank in to his account to settle the payment. Wah, i was damn emo even my birthday also kena marah. Scolded few times thru the phone in a day. Argh...Anyway, about the dato thing. I waited for him at Shangri La hotel but then he called and ask me go One World Hotel. I took a cab there and cost me RM20++. Damn expensive. Upon reaching, he is actually quite a nice person. Shared his knowledge with us. Then happily sign the forms and closed. But when i reached home, the signature is different from the application form. I was stunned.I called him and luckily he allowed me to meet him again. So i need to go to his banglo at 8pm. So i was so scare to go alone and no transport, luckily my old fren, eddie saying that wanna have dinner with me so i called him for help. He was really very kind to help me. So i went to bangsar to find him and wait for him to knock off. He drove me there and we all do not know the place and he is so smart that he easily found the place. Upon reaching, he told me to click his name on the phone list so anything, he will rush in with the knife. Looks so drama but then i really must thank him a lot coz he really take care of me.But in the end the dato haven't back yet and ask us to return after 9.30pm.
Initially wanna go to LOOKOUT POINT for dinner but in the end we went for fatty crab at taman megah ria. Famous fatty crab and the food really very delicious. Thanks to him and ks so that i can have a simple celebration for me on the day. And not forgeting hueyling for buying me a slice of cake on my birthday, At least got a cake on the birthday. So after the dinner, we went back to the banglo and get the signature settled.
Then, eddie sent us back home to selayang which is totally different direction back his home. I really appreciate him from the bottom of my heart. He has been very kind and nice to me. So is KS ever since i worked in KL, she provide me a place to stay and fetch me whenever i back from hometown and many more. There are all my 'gui ren'. So is my nuts members who always worry about me and jaga me. I'm like a little sister to them. Omg..i'm the eldest in my family but not in the group because they are all more independent than me in terms of thinking. Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful and caring to me..Although names are not mentioned here,it stays in my heart and i do mean it.
P/S: Hope my dad recovering as i saw him on friday, he is so weak. I suddenly feel that he looks so old already and i must be fillal to my parents. Feel bad staying so far away to them.


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