My tears cannot control and it just burst when i saw my grandpa at hospital yesterday. He is so weak. He is sleeping with his mouth open and cannot breathe through his nose as the tube was attached to his nose. He needs the tube to allow him to eat and drink. We have to hold his hand and speak softly to his ear to tell him that who we are and say positive words to him. My sister couldn't control her tears.But we are not allowed to cry in front of him.We have to be positive in front of him and keep him going.
His hands are all swollen red blue with all the injections and marks of the cloth that tie his hand from preventing him to pull the tube. He is just like a baby needed extra care and attention. I guess this is what we called life cycle. Why do people always said when you are old, you are back to baby stage as you need people to care and attention. It's so sad to see him like this. Doctor did mentioned to us that we need to be prepare for the worst.
He gets to discharged yesterday evening with the tube attached to his nose for him to eat and drink. We need to pour the milk thru the tube for him to eat. No foods or drink are allowed to put into his mouth. Thus, his lips are very dry. We need to use the wet cotton to moisture his lips preventing the lips to crack.
He no longer can speak to us. He can only look at us with his tired eyes and blink to us when we speak to him. He looks very old now.I prayed that he is getting well soon.He wants to go home and doctor allows it and he is glad that he sees all his children and grandchildren.
God bless him...


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