Goodbye 2010

Today is the last day 31st December of the year and closes the 2010 chapters. It is a messy & nasty year for me and i have lots to summarize it.
To me, today is just like normal day and i dun have the feeling of excitement or happy. It's just a neutral feelings to fill up the day with all the buzz happenings.
Top 16 lists that i wish to list down whether experience it throughout the year 2010:-
  1. Finally make a decision to move on to second job early of the year
  2. Able to travel to HK for a short trip unexpectedly
  3. Get into finance industry and experience what i always wish for but it's still begining and unforseen
  4. Worked in 3 places in a year (sg --> KL --> JB) throughout the year
  5. Experience working life in KL
  6. Got unexpected news together on the last day on my work in my first company which hurts me deeply until now.
  7. Lost a kin.Grandpa passed away last month
  8. Started to learn to chant eversince i learnt it from my fren during my stay in KL and also for my passed away grandpa
  9. Try to be a vegetarian for 3 mths
  10. First time fail exam
  11. Although travel to KL is nothing common but this time is different feeling. Travel alone and took exam and result fail and took bus back alone. It makes me feel lost and loser.
  12. Get to know who is my true friends who stoodby me during my tough periods
  13. Trying to handle my own emotions and feelings which makes me totally different. It is the first time for me facing such situation
  14. On my birthday eve, i was alone at ktm station waiting for the train to arrive and raining heavily. I told myself 'Hazel, u can be better than this'
  15. Able to blend with my colleagues 4 yrs younger than me wherever i go.
  16. Learn to handle my temper and emotional with better way
  17. Still have the faith and hope that what i always consistently do will come true one day. (Not sure whether are you reading this, hope u r)

I spend my last day in hair salon and this is the end result.Saw the colour of my hair?I love the colour of my hair now. It has been a long time since i pampered myself.

Goodbye 2010
Welcome 2011!!


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