Pre-Exam Dinner

In a blink of eyes i'm back in jb again. I went to KL for exam and luckily for me that i have good sisters who accompany me for dinner and allow me to stay overnite at her place. As u know that my grandpa just passed away and some people are quite pantang with it. To my surprise, she just said it's alright. So nice of her.Sometimes i feel that i amd very fortunate that i have a bunch of care friends who always helps me whenever i needed.

So i reached KL in the evening and P.har bought JY and me to Jaya One for dinner. After walking around Jaya One deciding what to have for dinner, we decided to try this japanese cum western style japanese restaurant.

I am having this 100 days vegetarian foods now and the only dish i can order is the curry set rice.The white rice with the japanese curry sauce and half egg only.

Picture of me looking down with my dinner piece...

Close up pic of my curry rice.They said like prisonner food.Does it look like one?

Phar with her hamburger set.I ate her brocolli and brinjal because she doesnt want to eat vegetable.So basically i have extra dishes other than the half egg.

JY with her unagi set. The unagi size is big and seems like very delicious. I was craving for the fish but need to curb the temptations..

After the dinner, we had photo shoots with the iphone. Both of them using Iphone and i was the one lag behind using my sony ericson phone. So i fully utilize their iphone functions and tried out the photography software they downloaded but never use. I know i too free dy but no choice gals love to camwhore..

Lomo effects

Old photo pro effect.I love the old photo pro effect as it gives me the feeling of cherishing the old times with precious one. I know i sound a bit sentimental but this is how my emotional works all the time.I tend to think a lot and wish a lot of things but somehow rather things doesn't work the way it is.

Group photos of us. I know the last pic looks blur.Blame the waitress that doesn't know how to use iphone to take pic.just kidding...

Really a big thanks and hugs to my nuts family members. It has been a fortunate to get to know u guys. The encouragement and the lending hands whenever i need. I'm such a lucky ones to be the youngest in the family..


PIK HAR said...

Muaks! Love u always!

LeO GaL said...

Love u too..hehe

LeO GaL said...
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