Tour to Thien Hou Gong Temple @ KT

Us Walking Towards Temple
Last Tuesday was Awal-Muharam and it is also public holiday in Malaysia. I guess this is the best part working in Malaysia. There is so many public holidays compared to singapore. My colleagues decided to have bak kut teh for breakfast at Kota Tinggi. So we have 2 cars from JB. One of the remisier was Kota Tinggi guy. Since i have this 100 days commitment trying not to eat meat and seafood, i only taste the soup and had mushrooms and taufu when the rest having the meat bone.

After the breakfast, we went to Kota Tinggi Thien Hou Gong Temple for praying.It had been ages since i last went there.I was not aware that the temple provide the 'kong ming deng' lantern. We wrote our wishes on the lantern.

Wishes Written on the Lantern
Getting ready to set it off up to the sky...

Our wishes are sent up to the sky...

Group photos taken after we prayed...

Dealers & Remisiers

It has been a mth since i entered into a new environment and i feel that i quite flexible in adapting to new environment. Dont you think so?But it wasn't easy to blend into the culture and people wherever you go. It's all about different views and perspective.

I can see myself being a white paper in this industry and people u meet in this industry is totally different from the previous one. It's all about figure and you can see the reality and the ugly side of human nature. There must be winner and loser in the game. How would you going to deal with it?It's not about feelings and emotional anymore. There is no mercy for money issues. No wonder money is always a sensitive issues among humans.

For example one of my colleague had keyed in the wrong order for customer and she need to bear the losses. So everyone responsibility and concentration is very important role.But it takes experience to accumulate it all.

Everyone bound to make mistakes and ups and downs.However there are some things in life which we can't control and even when you try to control the end result, we will end up in devastation. So it's all depends on your determination and mindset.

P/S: All photos taken using iphone 4. It's very clear and the quality is almost like digital camera. See how advance the technology nowadays.


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