Dinner @ MOF, NEX

I was clearing up my photos taken from iphone and i found these that i yet to post it out. These were taken on the month of October when we (my colleagues and director) had a farewell dinner with supplier before she returns back M'sia for good.

The venue: MOF @ NEX, Serangoon

I had my birthday celebration at MOF Suntec City and i am not fancy for MOF foods as their taste wasn't that nice to me. Neverthless the dinner was pleasant. The foods are acceptable except for the service wasn't that pleasant. I remembered we were seated at the end of the restaurant. It was isolated away and we are searching high and low for the service staffs as they hardly walked pass our area except for food serving.

Photos of the foods that we ordered that night.

A plate of salmon avocado sushi with mayo. I was expecting the salmon and avocado was mixed together with the mayo. This is because i had a good one at ichiban outlets. I prefer to be mix. In terms of quality wise, the salmon was fresh, the nori (seaweed) was crispy and avocado was just nice and not too hard to chew.

Claypot beef with rice which i forgotten the exact name of this dish. The meat was served raw and so was the egg. So customer is able to enjoy the stirring and mixing part.

Sashimi set with rice on the bottom part.
The colours of the sashimi is beautiful. The presentation is nice.

Sushi which has salmon and fish roe on the top and cucumber,crabmeat and tamago were wrapped with the rice. Nice combination and we able to chew the crispy cucumber and taste the salmon melted into the mouth.

Claypot rice with seafood. Seafood in terms of salmon and prawns are mixed together with the rice. The portion is just nice for a person serving. The rice is sticky but you won't get tired of the taste as it blend well into your taste bud with the unagi of course.You can taste the unagi sauce that blend into the rice as well.

MOF serves varieties of desserts and that really attracts my attention. As compared with other chain of Japanese restaurants, they only have limited choice.

So below are the desserts that we ordered to try. Japanese desserts will surely comes with the red bean paste, matcha ice-cream and also dumplings.

Matcha ice-cream with red bean and dumplings which is an excellent combination. The sweetness of the red bean goes well with the matcha and dumplings. Not too sweet but just nice to suit the taste buds.

Vanilla ice-cream with the jelly and sweet sauce. I forget the actual name of the dessert so i just name out the ingredients served. So please pardon me. The vanilla ice-cream has the same taste of McDonald ice-cream except it has matcha flavoring at the outer part.

Lastly we have the heart shape waffle to go with the sesame ice-cream and dumplings. I love the QQ taste of the dumplings and it doesn't stick on the tooth and I enjoyed chewing it with the taste of the ice-cream sipped into my mouth.

Photos of the attendances that night...

Overall the desserts are quite tempting to me. I would love to have desserts there as they provide varieties of choices. As for foods, the value wise is acceptable. Anyway it depends on you and your taste bud.

Till then...


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