Restoran Tepi Pantai

Had a happy dinner with my present colleagues at Teluk Jawa Masai. Teluk Jawa Masai is actually a village which preserves the nature of environment where it is totally different from city area. The houses there are made with wood which we called it rumah papan. One of my colleague is staying there and the lands are owned by their family. It's so worth of value as the place is expanding now as the government is paving the new way which can link to permas jaya and second link.

Previous experience was with my ex-colleagues to Restaurant Todak which i posted here. The restaurant is always full house. Neverthless, we went to next one which is also not bad as we get special price for the overall dinner (Restaurant Tepi Pantai).We went over after our work and reached there around 7.30pm.

Photos paints a thousand words and foods that we ordered:-

Evening Scenery from the Restaurant
Wantan Ho

Mee Mamak

Steamed Fish- Soon Hock. Super fresh smooth fish meat. Thanks to Lim's sponsor

Fried Sotong- Crispy chewy and goes well with the sauce

Snail?Not sure the exact name. It goes well with the chili sauce

Spicy Black Pepper Crab-as usual meaty and tasty

Green Vegetables-Delicious

Mixture of Lala,Escargot ,Crayfish

Another side view of the Crayfish

Brocolli with mushroom and japanese Tofu and prawn
Colleagues photo taking while waiting for the rest to arrive....

Loh & m3

The couple-Bai & Syafiq

Lim & Lam

Bai & Loh
Ng,Wong,Lam& Bai

Ms Wong with her cheerful Smile

Mimah & Suria

Happily enjoying the food
My Boss requested to take a group photo and here we have the whole dealing teams and me the only future team.Everyone is very nice and friendly.It isn't bad working here after all except for the stress that we need to face from the upper and customers and my own expectation :)
Group photos with our boss on the left
Fav photo of the Day
I end my post with my pic with Bai.I think it has been quite sometime since i last took a decent photo as i seems to lost interest on photo taking after .. Hopefully everything will pick up soon this year


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