Vegetarian Feast

Last Saturday shifu has organized chinese new year reunion dinner at the temple, Kota Tinggi. He prepared all the foods for us. We had our chanting before we start to dig the feast. 
Below are the foods that were prepared by Shifu on that day:- 
Colourful Agar-agar without santan
Spicy Vegetarian meat with mushroom and capsicums
Dried beancurd skin with vegetarian meat

Sweet & Sour vegetarian fish

Green Vegetables with mushroom

Vegetarian sotong

Leek with beancurd

Beancurd with mushroom and vegetable

Mashed beancurd with gingko nuts and carrot

Lotus soup with vegetarian meatball
Mengkuang to go with chilli sauce
Vegetarian foods are delicious. It can be as nice as meats and it's good for health as well especially vegetables and mushrooms. We were quite amazed on the taste as well. It really does taste like meat.

Anyway, shifu doesn't wish to be appear here or anywhere so unable to upload the photos. But i going to end the post with our siblings photos with grandma :)
Grandma & myself

Rachel with Grandma

Laurel with Grandma

Angel with Grandma

Stephanie cousin with grandma


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