Appearance DO Matter

How many of the ladies nowadays walking down the streets without make up or colour their faces and nicely dress? None or you can almost said minority. We are living in this appearance realistic world where looks and beauty are the key for attention. People tend to look at first sight.Getting colourful colours to paint on your faces with more sugar look,mascara and eyeliners to give you a bigger eyes,manicure & pedicure your nails to make it colourful are an essentials for all the ladies to look good and attractive.

Beauty plays an important role to emotional and physical success. Truth or no? It has been fact that the beauty looks always has the advantage compared to unglam ones. "That's the way it is".This is always the words from the mouth of majority.

This is the truth in this society and 'beautiful ones' will always get noticed first and chances are higher. This is so true in worklife where people start to make comparison and in line human relationships. Guys will always turn their attention to pretty ladies with looks and figure. That's the way it is and and no use getting fed up or feeling bitter all the time and in other way learn to embrace it with grace (I know saying always easier).

"Looking goods equal feeling goods" Feeling goods comes in and boost your confidence level. This is what we are being told and experience all the time. People are living in such shallow world and we being undeniable question ourselves in our point of lives. Are we 'beautiful" enough? Some people ( include me ) find themselves thinking about it often but we tend to forget the pure confidence. Thus the insecurities slowly built in subconsciously in our thoughts.

Jessica Alba
Our parents and loved ones always say to us "Beauty lies on the eye on the beholder; you're our pretty daughter". No matter how people keep saying it but you can't just get over it and end up still start comparing with others. I need charming eyes like her; I need bigger boobs and have an outstanding figures,etc.We are all driven by appearance and first impressions that we all forgotten that the inner beauty is an intangible assets that no time and people can replace it.

It goes beyond words as inner beauty brings out the true self of your beauty and it is also the very basic that people tend to forgotten it's functions.But we all are preoccupied with our outer beauty but not our inner beauty.It is natural that comparison as humans tend to envious and want better for ourselves than anyone else.

I may not have the best look or apperance.I may not colour my face with sugar coated sweetness.I may not have the fantastic figures. But i have my own way of doing. 

So does appearance do matter?
It always does for shallow people who goes for first impression looks.

Pardon for my post if any offence but it's about the thoughts that i wish to share


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