Lending Hand for Japan Disaster

Life is so fragile and disaster is keep striking every corner of the world and everyone is suffering here and there. We can do a little help by contributing within our ability to Red Cross.

You can contribute to Malaysia Red Crescent Society as well :-

There are many ways to make contribution so i was thinking to play my part as well.So every customers from Filmsnap who purchased cameras from us can contribute to the fund as well. We will take 10% of the total bill purchase to put in the fund to accumulate and made payable to above account.

Every little contribution helps and hope by doing so we can play our part as well.  
"Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit"

Let's pray for Japan and be grateful that we are still living comfortable and safely here. There is no undo buttons in our life.I tend to think a lot especially seeing all the disasters happening and also the incident that happened to my dad and grandparents 2 days ago. It was so scary and it is totally unavoidable sometimes.Open your heart and help within your ability.

My dad and grandparents went to China for a week to pay a visit to my grandpa's brother and sister. They met an accident during the way to Shenzhen Airport way back to Singapore. Thank god that they are safe and sound except for not so serious injuries.My dad told us on that moment he was telling himself "Doomed this time!".He shared with us that if he die there,nobody will know as he was not local there.

 My dad's head bleed a bit and worried that he got blood clot inside or internal injuries. He hurt his back and his knee was all swollen.He was limping when he reached home. My grandpa was protected by the air bag in the car and grandma back was affected as well then the Land Cruiser hit the back of the car.

Luckily they managed to catch the flight back to Singapore and arrived safely.Hopefully no side effect or internal injuries after their detail check ups.

A sudden thought that what comes around goes around. I believe in karma and i think we should play our part  to show your concern and care to the loved ones and those people who needed help.You will feel good too. Don't you?


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