Glance Back Time

Time flies and each day passes with the hope that yearned everyday.Everyday is a brand new day for each of us depending on how we perceive the day to be good or bad. Do you look in front of the mirror and smile to yourself and talk to yourself? I do sometimes to buck up my moody day.Afterall who never has moody days and emo-ing days.

We or maybe I always have this great imaginary world but sometimes i just want things to happen for real. The urge to make you or me fasinating owning something that i saw others have or rather things work it on my own way. We always meet new faces,peoples and new things everyday and these will trigger your interest of owning something that others have it. You see people having branded bags or luxurious life with all the nice things keep coming to them. The tendency of imaginary comes into the picture. You wish to be centre of attention like the rest you seen and hoping that people will be envious and jealous with how well you have been doing. Comparison comes into the picture.Things got out of hand sometimes.

They are so many things that we want and wished for but and eventually you will ask yourself "why can't i have it?" This keep inputing your mind daily,weeks or even longer and when you glance back time of the thoughts you ever pondered?have you really question yourself is that what you really want it to be?or just for the sake of being par with someone or to satisfy your particular moment of desire.Don't you? It's all about human pyschology and human tend to be greed and desire.The envious and desire of having what we don't have but others have trigger us to attempt to get the same par with one another.

Glancing back time if you really did it out of implusive, will you regret?or you just let it be and curb the temptations of just want to be par or satisfy your particular moment. Things changes eventually especially your mind. Mind is a wild forest that makes you lost. It hard to be control but doesn't mean cannot be control.It all depends on how your perceive it. Saying always easier.

However when a person wish for something and hope it will come true like we always heard from fairytales.We will make try means and ways to make it realize in reality. And when the wish has been realized, another wish will popped out thereafter and we will end up busying making all the wishes to be realize.Soon you feel what is there to pursue after all? 

When we are young, we will have the ambitious and energetic to pursue all the way for your wish or goals and hoping it will come very soon and the imaginary become real. 

But as we grow older, we wish that time could turn back as we rectify the mistakes and actions that we had made to make our life better than present. That's why there is saying "Time is gold"

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst.  
~Willaim Penn~


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