As usual weekend i will need to go to singapore for meet clients or post office. So this time round i took the time off to meet up with ex-colleagues for a brunch. I read up few of the bloggers' review about this place. Hatched restaurant that revolves the theme of eggs. It was crowded with youngsters and full reservations.We were surprised that it was fully packed. We waited for 30minutes to get a space there.

Here are the photos taken using Ricoh Camera:-

Front cover of the menu with different cartoon characters
Glimpse of the menu
Hot Chocolate/Ice Chocolate/Rootbeer/100 plus
The Designer omelette (mushrooms and tomatoes)

Close up look
Egg with veg and burger and mashed potato(Popeye Salute)
BBQ Drumlet
Sausage Platters with add on Streaky Bacon
People of the Day
Maria & Me

Samantha & Yeehui
Random shots with the ambience at the Hatched

Chocolate Fondant

Entrance view of the restaurant
Overall the foods there is not top notch but it serves quite good standard of foods. The environment and the people there are cozy and friendly. The price is acceptable and the people are coming in non stop. There really have good business :)

Hatched is located at Evans Lodge


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