Senibong Seafood for a Feast

Love the beauty nature scenery.Taken around 7.30pm
Beautiful colour of the sky
Love to see the beautiful colours of the nature and you can always see different colours of the skies in the evening. I couldn't resist not to take a snap of the moments.
View from our seats
Kelong in the middle and singapore HDB view at the back

Don't you love the changes of natures every moments?
Love the evening beauty of the sky
All photos taken using Iphone and camera with few edited photos. 5 months has passed and the intern students are leaving today. So we decided to have a farewell dinner at Senibong Seafood Village located at Permas Jaya. It was my first trip there and i was not aware of this place until i recently read at one of the blog. My malay colleagues recommended us to have our dinner there. Although it is named seafood village, but it is also famous with their Nasi Lemak Berlauk and satay.

Delicious Satay
The satay here was delicious and no fats at all. We have cravings for it after few sticks and ordered second round to satisfy our cravings.
Ikan Kembong with nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Merah

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng
Nasi Lemak here has very nice fragance and taste different from those normal nasi lemak. It reminds me the nasi lemak at taman bunga raya,KL (near TARC).Hard to describe the taste but it suits everyone's taste.

Followed by the seafoods that we ordered:-
Ikan Pari with sambal
The taste of the fish can only be describe as fresh.The texture of the fish is smooth and blend well with the sambal.
Cockles was slighted overcooked but overall taste is nice.Had fun getting our hands dirty opening the shells and taste it with the chilli sauce and taste originally.Thought of it made my saliva grools.I know you too so control don't let it drop to your keypad :p
Sambal Cockles
No much different from original taste of cockles but it shells are covered with sambal. The taste is spicy and your hands covered with the sambal and imagine u lick your fingers.Yummy yummy..

Sambal Crabs
The Crabs are cooked with sambal where you cannot get taste it at chinese restaurants. The size of the crab is big and their meats are also very rich. However, the sambal does not blend into the meat and it is only covered all over the crab shells instead. 

Colleagues & Interns

Silly Gal With her overeact and the shocking Guy 
Few of the photos uploaded here and the rest are uploaded in FB.But i ended my post of my colleagues with their funny face expressions.

Total damaged RM320.We even get to negotiate the total bill when we pay at the counter.Good bargain huh? It feeds the stomach of 13 persons.

Wishing the interns all the best and hopefully we can catch up again soon...


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