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It was Asia Trade & Investor Convention on 7th & 8th May in Singapore so my colleagues and i decided to head to Marina Sand Bay Convention. It was my first time attending finance fair and usually i attend food fair due to my job scope. So this time round it is not exceptionally. It also due to my work scope that allows me to have another view of finance industry.

The fair was not packed with people like those i seen in food fair. Most of the booths are hosted by securities firms and investment tools firms. They are trying to get more clients through the fair. We can see many brokers and remisiers are trying to get more network through the fair.

There is also short seminar from investment companies to provide insights of the current market outlook for asia countries and also commodities products and much more to see and absorbs. But we only attended to one seminar on technical charts and went off for sight seeing :)

It was Mother's Day last week and we (sisters and I) bought a samsung handphone for my mum. Her current samsung handphone was a bit lag and always wanted to change but can't bear to spend the money on it. So we thought of surprise her with the gift and she is very glad with it. Hope she masters it soon :)


Huai Bin said...

I just came back from Marina Bay Sands! Nice place, went to ArtsScience center, walked around, had dinner at Santi, went to the casino, watched Lion King and had drinks at Ku De Ta.

The place is HUGE eh?

Hazel said... is.
Is there an entrance fee for the artscience centre?
Wow..seems like a good day for u :)

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