Himawari Japanese Restaurant

 There are good reviews about this restaurant from the internet and we decided to give a try on it. Based on my sister's friend, it is always fullhouse and we need to make reservations before heading to the restaurant. So we did and headed over for dinner. Himawari has few other branches and we went to one of it located at Alexandra Road where the restaurant is located inside the business park.

Pictures of the restaurants and menu credited to Himawari Facebook album:

Kaiten View
Dining Area
 We had buffet for dinner. And their buffet style is by placing order instead of us moving here and there to choose the varieties from the display counters. We only need to choose from the menu and point for order.I think it is a better way to avoid wastage and customers able to enjoy the food served fresh and just cooked. 

Buffets does not provide shabu shabu but Himawari here provides shabu shabu with the choices of meat we want. This is rather interesting as we do not get to enjoy shabu shabu unless we ordered ala-carte where else.

 Menus with price on it are extra charges for it if you are having buffet. Basically the overall ambience is good, the food is nice. The sashimi are sliced thick enough to satisfy our cravings and the porks and beefs are sliced nicely for shabu shabu and teppanyaki. So basically after the shabu shabu and teppanyaki,we able to test the texture of the meat and it is not too hard to chew or too soft. It is just nice.

We didn't ordered tempuras as it will be oily and filling but we ordered 4 plates of sashimi to satisfy our cravings and a pot of shabu shabu. The shabu shabu is quite a big portion for five of us with the amount of vegetables and mushrooms that are stuffed in.

As for the service wise, it is acceptable.However, there is one staff is very unfriendly and not attentive enough. Another staff was way too friendly and explained to us politely. It was a pleasant dinner after all.

Outfit of the Day
White Top: P&Co
Blue Dot Skirt: SEED

It was outing day with Daddy and sisters on Vesak Day as my dad wants to go Singapore for 'makan angin' and i need to cancel my date with my friend. We also headed to Marina Barrage for a 15 mins walk as my dad and Laurel never been there before. I went there before with Pik Har and the post was here on year 2009.It was 2 years ago.Wow..time flies..

Laurel & I in Art Gallery @ Marina Barrage


Miki Aya said...

I can find sushi pack sold at the convenience store here, but I'm pretty sure that they won't be as nice as the one that you had at this restaurant :)

Hazel said...

yeah..they served fresh sashimi..

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