Sec Fren's Wedding Dinner @ Danga Bay

22nd May was a beautiful and significant day for my secondary school friend who decided to settle down with his pretty wife at Danga Bay Convention Hall. It was a grand dinner with 65 tables altogether.
We were seated at table 37 and some of our friends are seated at the next table, 36. It was quite a special dinner where we are served with vegetarian foods instead of those weddings that we went.

Some of the photos are taken from his photographer album as we didn't managed to capture the photos with them with our own camera. So we are waiting for our group photo from him.

Mr & Mrs Low

Taken one of their wedding photo shoot to upload here.Both are petite size and very compatible.

Few random shots from Iphone so you can see the picture quality difference compared the above ones.

With Sheng Pey

Secondary School Friends

I did took pictures of the foods that night and fail to upload in blogger.I tried several times but still fail. I think something wrong with the connection here.

I will post it up soon.So bear with me, ju.


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