What's Amazing?

'What's amazing isn't that you finished.What amazing is that you had the courage to start...'

This phrase inspired me when i go through phrases of journey. Everyone has their own phases of life with different experiences and decision to be made along the journey. You need courage to start when decision is made and you need courage to overcome your fear to move on.

For career instance, human being tend to be in comfortable zone and dare not walk out of the zone for changes. But somehow human being has the other side thinking to change which is quite conflict enough to decide whether to move on or to change. Characters and personal traits play an important role which leads to courage to decide where you wish to head to.

Plucking up your courage to do something unusual really takes time to adapt and blend into the situation. I think i handled it pretty well although there are hiccups here and there in the beginning. Though it is kinda discouraging but eventually the courage leads the way in the end. It's the process that counts. Although sometimes i find it quite long and tedious process. I 'm glad i have the courage to start with the decision i made and hoping it still move on and on and getting better and better...


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