Inspired Curves in Blogging

Inspired by missycheerio's post about the curves in blogging.I remember vividly i was browsing on bloggers's blog and drop by her page and was inspired by her masterpieces and been following since then.So i decided to have a post of my own to reflect back why i started blogging.

I started blogging 2 years ago because of someone whom i used to be very close with and wishes to share my daily routines so that we can be closer. It is more on having more communication and information unlike now we can even Watsapp, Viber (examples) to be connected different country. It was more on personal life when i started.I blogged about my work,family and friends whom i hang out with and sometimes even grumbling on problems that i am facing.

Back then, I knew nothing about blogs and nobody to guide on the blog setup and i just try and error and setup up with this simple blogging space to share my little stories of my rhythm of life. I was surprised when my previous company president found my blog accidentally and starts to read my blog as well. It was one fine day when he walked past my work seat and said " You blog?Your drawing is cute". I just stared at him and shocked. I was so shy and my colleagues knew about it as well. It was more personal blog where only few of my friends knew my little corner.

But as time goes by,many things had changed.People's feeling,thinking and mindset changed too. It was no longer the same as before. I began to think about what is the purpose for me to blog and little voice from my heart telling me that i blog because i want to. I blog because this is my rhythm of life. My phases of life. For the past one year i gone through downs rather than ups but it taught me a lot. I still remain blogging about my updates with friends gathering, my food post as i love eating but i started to share my random thoughts and thinking about certain issues that always running inside my mind. I think maybe as age gets older your mindset changed and i just want to jot it down here in my own space.

Sometimes words are hard to describe your actual feelings down inside your heart and songs can replaced it and i do share some of the nice songs that represent what am i thinking at that particular moments just right here to look back. Blogging has become so commercialized now and some of them are even full time blogger to earn their livings from them. It is no longer private unless you have password protection on it or maybe just not be announced to public that you are blogging. Thus blogging has pros and cons depending on how you perceive it eventually.

But to me, when i shared my thoughts here, my friends read it and feedback to me goods and bad stuffs which is good as well. It is more on how you want people to see you from the way you portrays your thoughts and appearances.It is like a package and so maybe some are true and some are not. It is visual to analyse and perceive but not to judge or assume it as seems you know everything about the person who blogs.

But blogging and blogs do influence me as part of my life now so i can be connected to the 'world' as it is my daily dose everyday. This is how my journey starts and i hope to see changes of me in my blogging curves sooner? Perhaps?or No?


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