Moments Together

Time flies and it's already half of the year gone and it's June!

This is a backdated post.I was busy settling my new job and here i am back to Singapore again.

My OSK colleagues had a farewell party for me before i leave the company.

So after work,we went a nearby stulang laut restaurant mamak for dinner. It was well-known for their fried rice or commonly known as nasi goreng in our Malay term and also the ikan bakar. Truly a delicious meal as the fried rice is very fragance and spicy. I was sweating and drinking all the time. I cannot take spicy foods but i still ate half of the portion.

Pictures tell the stories:-

Ethan Lim-my companion in work who ease my boredom and let me disturb him all the time.He sweat a lot whenever starts to eat spicy foods.

Li Yinn in blue aka my online shopping kaki and very silly young lady.Catherine is the new future dealer and she is a sweet lady and sporty lady as well.

Sutera branch colleagues who joined us that night.

JB operations colleagues were present on that day.

After the dinner, we headed to Walker inside The Zone. It was my first time pub in JB and we had 20++ people on that night which occupied quarter of the place.

Kitty and I. She is a leo lady as well. Same as me and we have similar thinking and mindset and i just started to get close with her. She is a nice lady with positive energy.


From the right Fcloh,Ah Boh,Myself and Tina

From top right RJ-He has been very friendly and nice in guiding me to master my futures knowledge. Followed by Liyinn and her buddy, Ethan.

From below left Catherine and Lim,Fcloh and Ravyn and Li Yinn with RJ

More pictures of my wonderful colleagues

We cheers and hurray throughout the night and ended around 11pm and headed back home. It was weekdays and we need to work the next day.

Thanks everyone of you. I will surely miss molek life and true enough i started.

P/S: Happy Birthday to you!


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