Mum's B'day

Mum's birthday falls on 10th June and we decided to give her a surprise. We ordered the birthday cake from Royal Crepe. It is actually1kg of tiramisu crepe with mango topping that costs us RM80. It was quite nice of them to deliver the cake to our doorstep on fri as we are all still in singapore. So my mum doesn't aware about it until everyone of us reached home around 10plus pm.My mum fetched us from JB central and my youngest sister and dad worked out a plan and once we reached home, we proceed the plan.My mum was surprised with it and she totally stunned. We felt so happy seeing her reaction.

My dad wasn't a fan of sweet stuffs but he tried and in love with the cake because it is not very sweet and blend well with his taste bud. So was my mum. Anyway, we are glad that we celebrated as whole family.It is more of family bonding together.

Celebration continues the next day. We brought mum to Italian restaurant located at Perling which was recommended by our aunt. My dad decided to give it a try so we headed over for the birthday celebration. It was a family business and the whole family does the overall cooking and servicing. It is owned by local people.So we ordered few dishes to try together.

Below pictures taken by iphone.First dish is the potato salad with mayonnaise.I still prefer japanese potato salad.

Fried mushroom with mayonnaise which taste crispy and we can't stop craving for it.

Fried Sotong with mayonnaise

Beef steak medium cooked and the meat texture is tender and delicious.

Grill lamp chop

Salmon spagethi which taste so-so only. The meat texture is kinda hard and spagethi is loaded with cheese.

Not sure what is it called but we called it 'curry puff' because it got the shape of it.hehe.

Closer picture of the wrapped puff.It is stuffed with chicken meat,mushrooms,carrots slices,other vegetable slices and mix with their special sauce. Mm..taste wise we find it so-so only.The outer layer thickness was very thick and it is very filling when we had the first slice.

Chicken pizza which taste not bad. I like slim pizza because it is taste crispy and you able to taste the ingredients.

Mum was touched and happy that we gave her the small surprise. Guess we really touched her heart as she expressed it politely when she sent us to JB sentral.We are not used to mushy words so very hard for us to express so actions speaks all. We used different ways to express and feel kinda weird saying mushy words.*shy*

Mummy & Daddy We love you...


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