Angel 17th Birthday Celebration

Angel birthday falls on weekdays and we are all working. Thus, we (sisters) decided to celebrate with her earlier during weekend when she drops by singapore. We decided to have our lunch at Lerk Thai @ Marina Square.

Appetizer was served and it costs S$1 for serving.

We ordered Ice Thai Tea and Ice Lemongrass tea which smells fragance.

Foods of the day.Not going much details on the foods but overall is good but pricey. Even my dad praise the food quality but not the price. Luckily everyone enjoyed the foods.

Fish Pan Cake Above and Pineapple rice below which best served for 2 persons. I like the pineapple rice as it taste different from those i ate before. Good try..

Soft Shell crab which does not look attractive to me in terms on presentation and not crispy and tasty to me. So-so only.

Curry Tomyam with various ingredients in it.

Tom yam seafood...

Green Curry. We ordered green curry chicken and green curry beef.

Steamed fish

I love the brinjal minced meat!It taste delicious.Can't get enough of it.

After all the main course served and filled our starving stomach, we have our cupcakes out for celebration!It was freshly baked by Shiberty Sweets. I ordered online and my sister went to collect it early morning. There is one cupcake was ruin at the side. It would be nice if there is cupcake holders to stablize the it when it is placed in the box. However we made it through and get the cupcakes in good condition to surprise the little sister :)

We ordered doctor cupcake theme for angel. She has a dream to become doctor and we hope she can work towards the goal. Everyone was happy to see the cupcakes. They adored the design and keep taking photos non-stop.

More detail photos of the cupcakes.We have chocolate and vanilla flavours with us.

Birthday girl with the cake. She is very happy with the arrangement. Grinning all the way. We sang her birthday songs and our cousins were here with her. I secretly arranged them to attend and it was kind of them to make the effort to come.

Cousins & Angel photos with the cupcakes. Everyone starts to choose their choice of cupcakes and start digging with it. Even my dad who don't take sweet stuffs find it yummy. He finished everything in a slip. Everyone was very happy and glad that the cupcakes make angel's day. She love them very much.

"My little cousin start digging with the vanilla cupcakes"


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