Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger @ Causeway Point. My sis and i was at Woodlands last sun morning and we decided to give it a try. It is a self-service outlet where we need to order on our own. Basically fastfood outlets similiar to McD and KFC.

I opt for the bacon omelette burger and side order is the fresh avocado salad with tomatoes and the dressing is refreshing. I like the salad taste. As for the burger, nothing special on the taste. But they do prepare the burgers on the spot as it served hot to us.
Close up picture of the burger. It looks like Ramly burger right from here?

Favourite freshness salad.

Sister ordered teriyaki chicken burger with fried potatoes (hokkaido farm) for her choice of side order. The potatoes taste plain and u must have it with chili sauce or whatever sauces to go with it only edible.

Close up of sis teriyaki chicken burger

The burger costs SGD3.50, side order depending on which choices as the price is vary starting from SGD2.80 and above. You can see the menu from the website for the choices available.

The outlet in causeway point is full of flies. You can basically see flies flying around the tables. Their pest control service is not in control and i think they should take noted the hygiene issues.


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