Kura Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Century, JB

Sorry for the lack of updates over the week. We (my family and i) went to a japanese restaurant named Kura. It is like a japanese cottage from the outlook of the shop and it is opposite the Pelangi Leisure Mall. Since Laurel's birthday falls on the weekdays so we decided to have early celebration for her. My mum foot the bill !

Wonder why no photos of her? We seldom take photos as family so foods are our main photo objects. Enjoy the visual of japanese cravings...

My face looks 'sui zhong' here. Anyway, very rare photo of mum and myself. We are pampered with salmon sashimi. The restaurant had a promotion that week for the salmon sashimi with RM5 off from the usual price. We ordered 4 plates of salmon sashimi to satisfy the craving of 6 pax. hehe! The salmon belly taste awesome as the oil of the belly really makes the difference.

Potato Salad with japanese cucumbers,eggs and mayonnaise and dressing. It was served cold and we wiped it off in few minutes time.

More of the nicely salmon sashimi...

Japanese ramen with tonkatsu sauce and the portion was big! So it is worth of value.

Mentai ramen.Never judge by the appearance with no ingredients.But the fact that mentai gives the special taste to the ramen and it taste superb.

Gyoza which wrapped with minced chicken and vegetables.

Salmon roll with ebiko on the topping and mayonnaise. Daddy had it the most :)

Japanese cuisine is our all time favourite and my birthday was pampered with japanese cuisine as well with family. It will be posted in next post ya.

P/S: Had my second injection. Still remember to post of my cervical vaccination? It has been a month and time for the second one. Feeling numb initially but now getting pain nerves.


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