Hainanese Porridge

Are you tempted with the 'Jok' photo? Mummy has the best cooking skill in this world. Of course you will say i am exaggerating but i bet you will also said your mum's cooking is the best.

This is the hainanese porridge style where the rice is boiled till broken but it remains the grainy texture. Hainanese porridge cooking style is different from other porridge cooking style. It is cooked individual portion.

Basically when we want to have it, we will scoop the portion of the plain porridge to another pot and start boiling. You will see the grainy texture and add a bit of sauce to make the porridge smell fragance and add on a bit taste on the porridge.

The raw ingredients are ready to be placed into the porridge. Mum got the raw minced pork, pork liver and sliced pork to put into the porridge.

So you can see the plain porridge has been add up with the ingredients and keep boiling it till the ingredients are well cooked.

Once the porridge is cooked, we can served it with the toppings below.

You can have it plain with the pork and liver. As for me, i would prefer plain so that i can taste the original taste. It does not have heavy taste and blend well with my taste bud :)

Or else you can add on the toppings on the porridge. The total presentation makes the difference. It becomes colourful and trigger your taste bud to crave for more of it.

Miss mum's cooking and only get to have it when i back home over the weekend. A bowl of tasty hainanese porridge will make you craving for more. I will think of my mum when i am having it because mum serves the best hainanese porridge.


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