Kluang Famous Roasted Pork

Here is the place where we got the so called famouse roasted pork. It is opened for business at night time. It was strongly recommended by my fren to go for it. So we went over to purchase some to try how good is it.

The photos above is the end result. The pigs are hanging in the shops everywhere. Be it the raw or roasted one. We can select the parts we want and get them to chop it for us.

Saw all the pigs that has been slaughter and hanging? It was huge and you can see all the blood clots as well.

The workers are cutting the parts of the pigs and get it roasted for the following stage.

The roasted pig which is hanging at the height of a man. Seems cruel eating them but it really taste good. The meat is tender and soft. It is truly QQ and fresh as well.

Soo Shin and myself at the counter waiting for our roasted pork getting sliced. I insisted to take a picture as i want to have it posted in the blog.lolz.

I sound addicted to get everything posted here. But it is rare to have me walking into market place and get everything picture into it.


Wanton mee lover said...

Where is the location? Can you provide address ?

hohoho said...

Location plss

Hazel said...

Hello everyone..
the address: 6, Jalan Tan Khim Seck, 86000 Kluang, Johor

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