Lee Ching- Christina Wedding

It has been a blissful september with wedding bells surrounded lately. Attended my uni mate's wedding at Kluang and had a reunion gathering with the rest of them. Some of us have not met for more than 5 years! Nevertheless our bonding remains unchanged. Everyone was shouting here and there when we met up. It reminds me of the old times. How i wish time can turn back...

Group photo of us. Everyone changed in terms of appearance and internal. But still friendship still remain unchanged. This is a good thing though.

Foods of the wedding lunch @ Kluang. The food served was delicious and fast. What i mean fast is really fast. Basically they served the second dish before we finish up the first one. We were rushing to finish it up. The wedding starts at 1.50pm and guess what? The wedding lunch ends at 3pm! The restaurant business is very good. They had 3 weddings concurrently held at this hour. The restaurant has the next session at 4pm. Thus it explains why they keep rushing us to finish up the foods.

Boon Leong served us the shark fin soup which taste really good.

This is quite special as we normally had breaded prawn with cereals. But this time round is chicken floss prawn. Not sure about the taste though but my friends feedback that it taste good as well.

Totally in love with the bun. It goes well with the pork and sauce. Tasty and thumbs up!

The last dessert come with mango and yam pudding.

Self cam whoring during the wedding lunch.

Yin Peng and myself

Yin Peng- myself- Chloe Lay

Philicya & myself

Wei Ren & Me

Siao Ling & Me

Woon Phing & me. He is M'sia inspector. Doesn't look like one?hehe..

Boon Leong & me

Catherine & yoke mun

With the bride. She is the most active and cheerful bride i ever met. She just be herself as usual even though during wedding lunch. She can just shout here and there and keep snapping non-stop.

Licca-Me-Ye Yee- Mun Mun

Lunch ends early and our train ticket back sg was 7.25pm. Thus, we had a rest at boon leong's house before we back to reality. This is my first time taking train back to singapore. To my surprise the train arrive on time and no delay!

It was a smooth train ride back to singapore. It takes 2 hour from kluang to singapore and only stop few stops before we reach the destination.

It was tiring trip but full of laughter and fun. Hope to see everyone soon.


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