Extremely busy with work ever since i started working on my new job. I used to on the dock knock off time person from my previous jobs. But my current job requires to work late almost everyday due to project basis or even tender. It is totally new job nature for me and everything is new to me. I think i can be connected as a working machine. I don't even have time to go toilet or a drink. Time flies very fast when i work here.

I guess i am chasing time for time now instead of time chasing me. I know i sound exaggerate but truly to me i think is absolutely true. I seriously need to think how to balance my current working life. Life is hectic and i need to learn how to balance it. Saying always easier which i always use it as a phrase. Applying the truth fact ain't easy at all. Mindset is superb hard to subdue.lolz.

Sometimes in life we need to learn how to prioritize and weigh whichever important.What is your prioritize for now? In terms of long term and short term. What you really want and what i really want? Prioritize needed in certain circumstances and perhaps all the time especially when u face problems. Even in work, you need to prioritize which comes first and which is important. How things work and how it turn out may not be the one we wish it will happen.

I have many things in mind. List of things to do and also how am i going to achieve them? I admit i am a greedy person who wants everything i wish to have in my list but i know it is impossible. Sumtimes it is not whether you want to do it or not but is how you gonna do it. I always have doubt in myself and questions keep popping out in my mind with all the 'IF' and 'HOW' and 'WHY'. If things remain like this, it will be great as things move on. But reality isn't that way.

Sumtimes people will get lost not knowing the path taken wasn't the initially they prioritize or set earlier. It's like you enter into a beautiful cottage and get distracted with the fancy decorations and you get lost with the initial purpose of getting in. It's like you initial want to have chocolate ice-cream when you enter to the ice-cream shop but you are tempted with the mango sorbet and end up having that instead of your initial craving of chocolate. It's like full of temptations along the way and how you going to resist it or get it over.

Gonna be end of the year soon and hope things pick up slowly and steady. I learned to lay back slowly and observe what i lost and pick up from there or i would say cherish people who surrounded me when i needed them the most and the important ones in my life. At some point you have to make decision and boundaries don't keep us out. Life can be messy if you want it or not. Life can be pleasant the way you want it to be depending on how to prioritize and take view from different aspects.

How about u?


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