Daily Sinful

It is important to put a smile on the face as it really affects individual mood and also people surrounding us. I always try to put a smile on my face everyday when i reach office although i know i am drowning on my piles of workload. Stress indeed fearful and below comes into the picture to de-stress..

Chocolate really can help to de-stress and make me happy. Thus i ended up munching chocolate whole day long at work. I still remember i had 7 bars of crispy on one day alone as i was extremely stressful.lolx.

Hershey is nice too!Lady boss surprised me with this bar of white chocolate. Extremely sinful!Delicious though...* grins*

My current job needs me to work late and i called for McD delivery. McWings set is my all time favourite. We even had twice in a week. Superb sinful and we had it around 9.30pm- 10pm. Super fattening..i know. But the delivery takes 1 hours to arrive.

We even had canadian pizza for the night. Buy One Free One so still sound reasonable to us. So we ordered for it and stuffed ourselves with crusted pizza.

We have ferrero rocher in my drawer now. It was a gift from my lady boss when i worked on saturday. I think everyone knows i am chocolate favourite. Mm..gonna control it otherwise i will gain weight tremendously.
How about your daily sinful foods?


tickledpinkpig said...

used to be snicker bars everyday =P

Hazel said...

u also chocolate lover? common interest.hehe!
it's sinful

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