Dim Sum @ Geylang

Anyway we went to Geylang for dim sum. Highly recommended by my colleague which is so called famous and popular among Singaporean. It always pack with people whenever you drive past the restaurant.

But i don't find it special and the taste is so-so only. I think Malaysia any dim sum restaurant taste better than them. This is my point of view. So i don't understand why people want to queue in singapore.

Took the photos of the dim sum varieties that they provided. So go along with my words on your right and picture on your left.

The porridge is served mild warm and taste is tasteless. The beancurd skin is a bit oily but taste crispy when you bite it.

Chicken wing is not bad. Basically has the standard taste of the chicken wing we had anywhere. Crispy on the outer and smooth texture in the inner.

The 'xiao long bao' is superb dry. It doesn't have the xiao long bao features at all expect for the appearance.

This is the prawn dim sum which i don't know how it taste like. I am allergy to prawn. My colleague from penang gave me the thumbs down for the taste.

Their famous spare rib taste 'ok' only.

As for this, nothing special at the taste.I don't really enjoy here as the customer service is not that good. We demanded to change place to seat. The waitress gave us a kind of look and said the place that we wish to change is the same size as the one we are currently seated.

But we insisted and she can't do anything as customer always right.

Cheong fun which has the char siew or prawn in it. Appearance is good. As for the taste wise, it is acceptable as well.

Chicken feet totally lose out to the one i had during my trip to Malacca last year. This is dry and the sauce is too plain. I don't really enjoyed it.

After the dinner,we headed for second round for a drink. Lucky for us as one of them has a car to drive us to somewhere nice. So we headed to downtown east for a drink.

Gonna end my post with a picture with Yunita on that night. We had chit chat session till midnight and glad to release our tension and stress. Time really flies especially when i am working in my current job.

Thinking to write a post of how i de-stress lately.hahahaha...


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