Langkawi- Part 1

October has been extremely busy and excitement for this lady here. Finally a month for a short gateway over the weekend. Had a tremendously working deadline a week before my holiday. The picture above with gorgeous blue sky and nature beauty is Langkawi!

Yeah I went to Langkawi for a short gateway with my friends. This time round only 4 ladies and 2 guys. Initially 4 ladies and 1 guy but 1 of them got herself a bf and tag along over the trip. Anyway the more the merrier.

I took a flight after work to Penang to meet SY and the rest. Reached pg midnite 12 am and we headed for a drink and get back her home around 4am and woke up at 7am. Superb tired but we all are excited to start the journey! We took a ferry from Butterworth to Penang island to get the ferry to Langkawi.

View from the ferry to penang island

Our fresh look still in blur stage

We headed to the ferry station took 8.30am schedule. Off we spent 3 hours sleeping throughout the journey to Langkawi. Guess we are superb exhausted and once we are awake, the ferry reached the destination. Awesome!

The ferry from penang to langkawi for 2 way tickets is RM115

Celine carrying her huge bag pack.

Finally we reached!We rent a car immediately for the trip. We rented a INOVA car for RM32o for 2 days from the agency at the nearby airport. We need to pump petrol which costs RM80 for the full tank. Lesson learned: don't pump full petrol to rent cars and in the end the agency will benefit. We only spent half of it for 2 days.

Traveling from ferry station to town is about 20 mins. It is already noon when we reached Langkawi and our stomach start making weird noises. We went asking around locals for recommendation. So we landed in a Chinese restaurant called TEO restaurant along the main road. It is easily being noticed when you drive along the road.

First thing we did once we seated, we saw the beer is only RM2.50 per can! Superb duper cheap and we start to place our order. Coconut is more expensive than beer RM5 so why not we choose beer instead? We actually drank beers in the afternoon. First ever thing i ever tried in my life.

Foods that we ordered for lunch. It is all in small portion value. Super yummy and fresh seafood served and everything is so nice that we gobbled up everything clean within 20 minutes. Yeah we really are hungry.

Bamboo Shoot

Steamed fish which taste fresh and the meat texture is very smooth. It is almost like melt into your mouth. It goes very well with the sauce.

La la with ginger slice and sauce. We able to taste the freshness of the la la and can't help to keep taking once we had one.

Kangkong belacan- Nice

Claypot japanese beancurd with egg. Sizzling hot and tofu is very smooth.

At last we reached the resort that we gonna spend 2 days. It's the Mutiara Burau Bay Resort located at Pantai Kok.

The resort served complimentary cocktail drink for guests upon check in. Many hotels start to implementing such services which is good that guests will feel happy to get notice.So do i. I admit i will be happy being treated well over the stay.

Saw the carton box in the picture? It's the 24 bottles of beers that we bought at the duty free shop. Total spent RM 72 only! SY also got us red wine for drink.

View of the lobby/ entrance of the resort.

Finally got our keys and off we go to our room.

Took the pictures of different angle view of the resort. Nice place for couples to spent moment times together or a gang of friends stay together for the hangover. Sound a very good idea.

I found a baby snake sliding through the hole at the bathroom which made me uneasy and scare. I saw it while i am bathing and i was very worried any bad things happen. One thing i don't like is that the workmanship of the resort chalet is not up to standard and we can see crackers everywhere.

View from the front entrance of the resort chalet.

The resort also have swimming pool for us to dip into it middle of the night. Yup you are right that we did jump into the swimming pool at the night for a swim. Less than 15 minutes, security guard was here to ask us to get up from the pool.

Till then..will update more about the activities done in Langkawi..


Huai Bin said...

Haha! Looks like an awesome trip!

I miss going on trips like these to Langkawi.

The opening of red wine in the car and jumping into the swimming pool at night...all things I remember doing. :D

Hazel said...

haha...u also did same crazy stuffs.
great fun with great companion!

Hamlet's Lair said...

nice photos you have here and you obviously had loads of fun on your trips :)

Hazel said... was very fun!

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