Pamela Wedding @ Merchant Court Hotel

20th October is William and Pamela 'Big Day'. We can hear the wedding bells ringing, wishes from everyone for the newly wed couple. Their wedding was held at Merchant Court Hotel and during weekdays which is on Thursday night. So basically i rushed over after work.

Lotsa of wedding bells this year and it signal it's time for marriage at our age. So stressful when my relatives asking when is my turn.

It is also an opportunity for me to meet up with my ex colleagues. Glad to meet everyone and everyone is doing great which is good :) Time flies and i still remember i met the bride and found out that we shared the same birth date and month. Exactly the same! It is rare to find friends or colleagues who share the same birth date and month. We do shared similarity personality since we are Leo girl.

Beautifully hand-made cake and cupcakes displayed at the reception. It is done by the newly wed couple and the bride's mum. They have such elegant hands to come out with decorated icing sugar decoration. Totally awesome!

Each single hand made with love cupcake for limited guests only. I am one of them! So sweet of the bride, pamela to give us each one.I even went to ask her can i take one? She did not replied initially. But she got her ji mui to pass to us!

Photos of ex-colleagues...

Our table that night. Each of us was given a door gift. I took the picture of my door gift below. It was a spoonful of love- spoon.

Below are the dishes on that night:-

Double Happiness- which is the cold dishes combination of roasted duck, top shell, jelly fish, vegetarian spring roll and shark fin's omelette. I love the roasted duck as the taste is awesome especially the skin taste crispy. Shark fin omelette taste good as well.

Shark fin with crabmeat soup

Roast Crispy Chicken with Rice Crackers. The dish is usually served with crackers so basically this is rare to go with the rice crackers. Though the taste still turn out delicious with the sauce done by the hotel.

Steamed Live Garoupa with soya sauce. The fish meat texture a bit hard. Quite disappointing though.

Stir fried prawns with celery with special sauce in Yam basket.

Braised shitake mushrooms with shredded conpony and seasonal vegetables.

Fried glutinous rice in lotus leaf. Taste fragrance and served in good condition.But at this stage, we are already full and cannot fill in our stomach anymore.

Cream of red bean with dumplings. I love the taste of the red bean. Strong taste and served hot. Splendid to mark the end of the wedding dinner.

This is the door gift i mentioned earlier :)

Closer and clearer view of the cupcake. I had it for my breakfast the following day. It is a fruit cake. Not too sweet and just nice for tasting. I know it's beautiful and how can i be cruel to eat it? But i just can't help craving the taste of the cupcake...


Cynthia said...

loved all the wedding post u have in ur blog!! <3

Hazel said...

Thanks Cynthia :)

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