The Studio Cocktail Bar @ Singapore

My cousin recommended a place for a hangout after work and over the weekend. So we gathered friends together for a hangout on friday night. The Studio is located at 778 North Bridge Road. It is a walking distance from Bugis mrt station.

The Studio is a home feel based theme with various of cocktails and liquors. It has very comfortable home feeling once you step into the bar.

Photos credited from The Studio facebook photos for your better picture of the cocktail bar surroundings and ambience.

The bar has a romantic lighting to create ambience especially for dating couples or hangout with friends. Don't you think so?

As the lighting is quite dim and unable to capture the drinks that we took that night, i managed to get one of the cocktail drink from the facebook photo. It's the Big Apple cocktail. The taste is very refreshing. It was One for One Free on that day in the event of the death of Steve Jobs.

I was extremely hungry that night as my colleague and myself knock off quite late and we rushed over to meet the gang. So no dinner was taken before the drink. So we ordered the chicken wings that is extremely delicious. It is totally different taste from pizza hut chicken wing or KFC ones. It's more on the sauce that make the difference. I feeling hungry writing this post now.hehe!

We also had nachos to fill out stomach but for others treated it as snack to go with the red wine and cocktail. Crispy crunchy nachos which goes with the cheesie sauce is splendid and sinful. It is so truth when the night falls as every intake into your stomach is consider sinful.

Photos of the people on that night..

Shyn qin, Mark Chan YL, Raymond, Yunita & Angelina (The owner of The Studio). She is pretty young lady boss handling everything from head to toe of the cocktail bar. Impressive don't you think so?

The guys and myself..

Sisters and Angelina
Nice hangout place and good place to chat and gather together with friends.If you thinking where to go on friday night or over the weekend, you can try The Studio. They offer various choices for drinks and you will definitely will love it.


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