Came across this quote in FB and it stirred up my thoughts. So here i am to pen down my thoughts while waiting for my laundry to be done. It is expected to be done in 45 minutes.

This week has been extremely crazy for me working in an environment which is superb hectic and overwhelming problems arising. I seems to be trained as a problem solver for the issues arising. Tough but challenging, interesting but problematic, complicated but easy? Sound contradicting, right? Sometimes words cannot expressed the exact feeling in our true heart. Be it in work or any issues. All are in our part parcel of life.

Words can used to express it in a beautiful way and maybe another way round. But anyhow words can never replace our inner feelings in our heart as sometimes the true feeling or even mind we had cannot be describe with the words. We cannot find the exact word to describe it thoroughly.

Human are such a sophisticated creature. We or maybe i should said myself always make things sound complicated but at certain point of time when we thought back it wasn't that bad at all. The mind is keep changing as we have different point of views at each point of time. Not sure whether you guys get what i mean but it's more of the way we perceive it or even handle it.

Feelings cannot be describe in words. We need to use our heart to feel it but we need words to beautify it to make us feel wonderful.Don't you agree? The feeling is more of mixed feelings in our inner which is very vulnerable and fragile. Once you feel it,you will either happy or get hurt in the end. These cannot be explain by words. There is no why cannot be explain as it really the fact that cannot be explained.

Why bother explaining 'why'? We only answer to our self after all. Just like struggling with the angel and demon within own self. My angel and demon always bicker over it because i always have the 'WHY' in me.


tickledpinkpig said...

you don't need people to understand, they will never fully understand how you truly feel. All you can do is be true to yourself and believe that things will only get better. At least that is how I tell myself everyday =)

Hazel said...

Yeah..i must always tell myself this too. but sometimes just cant help to think much

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