Catch up Session @ Hong Kong Cafe - East Coast Road

Met up with ex-colleagues some time back ago. Su sam is here for her fren's wedding and we decided to meet up for chat up session. Lam and Jolene are free on that day. So we are lucky enough to brought to east coast park for tea break at Hong Kong cafe.

XO carrot cake which looks presentable but the taste is so-so only. It does not taste well when it turned cold. A bit dry and not enjoying though.

Nissin noodle with luncheon meat and egg. Exactly what hong kong cafe served.

Fried kuey teow that has lotsa bean sprouts and the taste is so-so also.

French toast with peanut butter between the layering. Jolene is not allow to take raw and fried foods. Thus, bread is her choice on that day.

Anyway, not about the foods but the companion on that day. It was a splendid day with the catch up and meet up.

Just a short post to reminisce this one day i get to meet up with them. Jolene is a strong lady who fight well with her illness. I respect her being a positive lady and being independent and working to earn for living and medical expenses. Susam also recovered from her cancer and she is doing great now. Both ladies worth my respect.

I sincerely wish both of them well and happy always..


Huai Bin said...

Nice place! It looks like the char chang teng in Hong Kong. :)

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