Hard Rock Cafe @ Sentosa

We had our lunch break at Hard Rock Cafe which located at Sentosa. Hard rock cafe is famous with live band and their long history in almost every part of the world. Not to mention the environment and ambiance is excellent.

Browsing the menu to decide what to have for lunch.
Thanks for Brandy's candid shot :)

Forget the name of this drink but it is strongly recommended in the menu list.
It taste like 'fong you' drink. But not bad after all.

My choice of drink: mango smoothie

Grilled Salmon fillet for SGD30++

Fillet grilled salmon and topped with Merlot-garlic butter and served with mashed potato and fresh vegetables. The portion is relatively big serving and the salmon was nicely grilled. Taste delicious and the vegetables are very colourful.

Hard Rock legendary burgers and we ordered one of it to try. The slices of pork with the special sauce topping to go with the burger. It is good to share because it is too much for a person. You will end up not taking pork burger for months as the portion is quite huge. So sharing would be just nice for us.

New York Strip Steak. It was medium well done and the meat is tender and juicy. It goes well with the sauce not to mention to have some fresh vegetables to go with it. Mashed potatoes is a must in the dish.

Fish & Chips SGD26++
We ordered 2 plate of this. I love fish & chips.The fish outer is deep fried to golden brown and cispy on the layer and smooth texture in the inner. You won't make the wrong choice for this dish :)

Pork Ribs with french fries that taste splendid. The pork rib is full of meat in between the bones. Thus, you won't disappointed not having enough of the ribs.

Famous Fajitas with our choice of grilled chicken, shredded Jack & Cheddar cheeses, fresh guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce and hot flour tortillas. Thumbs up for this dish! It is like having nachos with cheese. You can hear the crunchy sound when u take a bite of the fajitas. Saliva drooling now as i miss the taste it now! Once you start to take a bite, you won't stop. Like seriously..in love with this dish.

Twisted mac,chicken & cheese.
A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted cavatappi pasta tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce with garlic roasted red peppers and Romano parsley bread crumbs and served with a side of garlic toast. I don't usually take chicken breast but this one is exceptionally. The chicken breast top meat was well grilled and the meat is not that hard to chew and taste good. Unlike the normal ones the meat is quite hard to chew and digest. This is really exceptional. The twisted pasta with cheese sauce taste delicious as well. Although it is cooked with cheese sauce and i do admit i am not a cheese lover but this is just nice for me. You can taste the aroma of the cheese with the pasta.

Pictures of the ladies on that day:-
Photos credited to Brandy & Kitty's camera.
But i also contributed with my photography skill. hehe!

Nice place to hang out with friends and couples.
For more information of the branch and also menu, you can click here.


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