M&M Shoes Anyone?

Finally the custom made shoes was successfully sent over to Ju's house. It was just in time before she out for lunch. I got my fren's sister to custom made the shoes. I bought a white canvas shoes and send it to her to do the customization.

I was thinking M&M is bestie's favourite collection and this idea popped out in my mind when i get to know about the customization. I was thinking something special then and glad that she like it :)

However the sad part is that the shoe's size is too small for Ju. Arghh...really a big waste but anyway, hope bestie will like it.

I had it drawn in a family look.So you can see right shoe with M&M daddy and M&M daughter followed by the left shoe with M&M Mummy & M&M daughter (coming soon).

More photos of the designs around the shoes for your viewing pleasure.

Just a short post with the intention to show off the art display on the shoes for everyone pleasure. Hope you guys like it as much as i do.


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