Mum's Cooking Is The Best

Mummy's cook is the best! *grins*

Can't get enough of mum's cook. She has a pair of magic hand that capable to turn all the dishes on the table to be superb delicious. I know i sound exaggerating but it truly is. I bet you will also say your mum's cook is the best too, aren't you?

Oh ya..Century egg with ginger taste awesome! You must give it a try. I fall in love with this when rui brought me to fatty crab at KL last year for birthday celebration.

Just wanna share mum's cooking. She created new dish below after watching a show from the TV. She cooked the slice fish with tofu (beancurd) on top of the dish. The fish was cooked first with the onion,ginger and oyster sauce and placed the fresh beancurd on top and add on spring onion to make the presentation looks for colourful. The combination outcome is delicious. The beancurd is smooth and goes well with the fish and white rice.

Braised pork which was cooked for hours to make sure the pork texture is tender in the inner. A look of the dish does not look special but it requires time to make it. This is yummy as well and i love the sauce that we can just have it with white rice.
Winter melon soup which is brewed for hours using slow cooker. Mum put in red dates, pork meat, winter melon and other ingredients to make the soup taste sweet and smoothing to drink. She mentioned that the ingredients will be able to make the soup taste more sweetie when she put everything in without adding sugar into it. It is healthy soup to drink.

Fried kangkong with chili padi. We are not spicy fan. Thus, we take minimum of spiciness and mum knows well our foods habit and make it just nice for us to enjoy. It is not enough to be a cook as he/she needs to think what to cook for us and also what we like or don't like to eat.

Mum is very thoughtful and enjoyed cooking for us. She is very happy when we finished up all the dishes she cooked. She said she will have a sense of achievement and butterflies in the stomach when daddy and the daughters praised her cooking.

However when the night falls, i can't help feeling hungry again and mum's dishes are all whipped out so i opened the fridge and look for foods to eat.

It is such a bad habit to eat middle of the night especially after midnite which is super unhealthy and fattening as well. But i can't helped it.

End up i had koko krunch for my late supper before i go to bed last saturday. hehe!

I will surely miss mum's cooking if i am unable to go back over the weekend. Thus, we also make the effect to go back for dinner together and also spend time with family members.


Huai Bin said...

OMG that first picture had me drooling. Just came back from a very long six course dinner but I can never resist century eggs. I can eat that entire plate myself. No kidding, I sometimes eat 4 eggs with dinner. :D

Hazel said...

high cholesterol!haha!u really a big eater with good body shape

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