My first time ever surfing!

Headed to Wave House Sentosa last week for my virgin surfing trip with new bunch of friends I get to know from Bella Kini Singapore. Many thanks to Bella Kini giving me a chance to experience surfing! I was super excited and thrill after receiving the call from them one day.

The Wavehouse is a walking distance from beach station and very convenient to access. It was crowded with people and the beach feel is definitely a yes once you step into wavehouse.

Bella Kini team and the winners

Our proof for an hour session of flowbarrel worth SGD45 during weekend.

Snap a photo before we start of surfing!

Lucky October winners!

Simply thriling and scary also. Imagine you will be swept away by the artificial waves and the 'strong current'. It is very tough to balance yourself on the board with the flow of water moving so fast!

I think i need more practice to make it perfect.I need to find tune to balance myself and control within my means. But for now i think i need lots of practicing and falling.

Video of me trying to balance and eventually fail to maximum! Imagine i have to keep falling for the whole hour! "__"lll
*p/s: dun laugh at me when u watch the video. so embarassing!*

Group photo with the beach boys before we bid goodbye for next time then!

This is the present from the surfing. First day was red marks followed by the black blue bruises. Damn geli and pain!hahaha!

If you are interested to try surfing @ Wavehouse, you can click here to check out the price. There is different prices for weekdays and weekend.

For those who haven't experience before, you should give it a try!


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