Wrap up for Langkawi with B'day Celebration

Wrap up for my final post for Langkawi trip. I just realized that some are the photos are not shared here. So basically photos taken on the last night with a surprise birthday celebration for Christine. It was her birthday and we celebrated in a special way for her.

Beautifully scene during sunset

Chuan and myself with the beautiful sunset...

Group photo to capture the moment...

We had our dinner as usual but we bought the rotiboy along to the dinner place. The special part is that the bread was 3 days ago and it cannot be eaten at all.So we decided to make it as Christine's birthday cake.

Basically the photos below captured the expression on her face when we presented the cake to her. Super hilarious!!

Since we do not have candle with us, we put a cigratte as a candle in the middle for her.She totally unexpected and cannot accept.Yeah..we are creative ones. I admit.haha!!

Making her birthday wish..

Wait..we have another surprise for her when we back to our room. We brought her the real cake and sang her another birthday song. Ah chuan has difficulties to buy the cake in Langkawi. We cannot find any bakery shop in the town area as well. So in the end he bought it at Starbucks, Langkawi airport and bought a box from random shop at the airport to it them in. Very special cake indeed! Different flavors of slices of cake to make up a complete cake.

Lastly self timer group photo to mark the end of the trip for the night!

Check out faces early morning holding the leftover cakes!

Took ferry back penang and Langkawi trip officially ended and reality is back.


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