Ootoya @ Suntec City Mall

Haven't been in the mood of blogging lately due to the workload over flooding and family issues. Things do not seems to be that smooth after all. Luckily some of the issues are sorted out. Anyway enough of the mumbling and did i mentioned that my colleague and I went for ice-cream making workshop at Pasir Ris. We bought the voucher from ilovedeal.sg for S$25 which is supposed to be S$50 for the workshop of 2 hours. It was an interesting workshop where we get our hands dirty and start messing up with the tools and ingredients. It was a good experience after all.

After the workshop, I headed to Bugis to meet a fren for movie and dinner. I remembered that i was craving for Japanese foods and headed to Suntec City mall after the movie. Ootoya has the second branch located at Suntec City mall. I loved their foods especially their rice which made my appetite grows bigger. I sound like 'fan tong' here.

Click here and here for my post to Ootoya Orchard Central.

This time round is quite different because I ordered dessert! We were supposed to wait for a fren to have proper dinner. The desserts were surprising as good as it looks. Simply sweet and delicious!

Zenzai Milk S$6.00 which contains rice flour dumplings with red beans and peanut crush. As you know japanese red bean taste sweeter than ours and it goes extremely well with the dumplings and very chewy as well.

Closer look at the size of the dumplings..

Warabimochi S$7.00 which includes jelly balls with sweet red bean, soybean flour and peanut crush. The jelly is very Q and it goes very with the ice-cream. The cold ice-cream combination with the jelly balls mixed well into your taste buds.

Followed by the mackerel fish set with the rice, miso soup and appetizer of the day. As what we expected the fish is tender and well-grilled. The grilled taste on the outer and smoothness on the inner. It truly satisfied my friend and praised me for a good recommendation.Hehe!
My all time favourite grilled katsu with the salad dressing that i couldn't miss craving for it all the time. The tenderness of the meat and the skin of the chicken was nicely grilled and goes well with the dressing. Everything smell and taste good with the white rice and into the mouth. The presentation was splendid as well.

I would say that the standard of Ootoya is quite consistent and it does not disappoint me and my friends. Definitely a good place for nice and affordable home feel japanese cuisine. The ocha taste refreshing and nice aroma as well. It should be able to wash away the grease after the dinner which i always presume that.

Nice dinner, nice companion of the day....


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