U-Desserts @ Taman Sutera

Dessert is a must list to have after a proper meal. The favourite dessert place in JB will be U-dessert where they served traditional desserts with creative ways.

You can check my post about U-dessert located at Mount Austin here.

Tofu pudding & sesame soup RM5.80.
Tofu pudding is smooth and tender.
It definitely a good choice to go with sesame and taste sweet.

Snow fungus and lotus seeds soup RM6.80.
Snow fungus taste refreshing and sweet taste.

Stewed pear and snow fungus RM6.80.
Taste refreshing with the stewed pear and u can taste the pear in it.

Mango and pomelo in sago sweet RM8.80.
The colour of the mango is very beautiful and the mango taste sweet and the pomelo perks up with the combination of mango soup.

Sweet ball Thai black glutinuous RM5.80.
The glutinuous is chewy and goes well with the red bean soup. You can taste the sweetness of the red bean.
Durian & pomelo in sago sweet RM8.80.
Durian is filling and goes well with the sago of course. You can see the durian flesh is so yellowish and meaty.

Durian,pomelo and thai black glutinuous RM8.80.
Don't really like the combination of the thai black glutinuous with durian filling. It taste a bit weird and don't really like the taste of it.

It makes me craving for durian now. Yummy!


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