Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

I had my company trip to Malacca mid of this month. We went to so called second famous chicken rice ball shop in Malacca. It is located far end of the Jonker Street. It is exposed to various media such as blogs, magazine and also TV.

There is always a queue in front of the shop waiting to be seated in to try the chicken rice balls. The shop is always flooded with tourists and we are one of them as well. This is my first time trying this shop's chicken rice ball.

This is how the chicken rice ball looks like. It is basically chicken rice cooked slightly longer and then molded into ping pong size. It has the same taste as normal chicken rice except that the texture is more soft and slimy. It should be served in hot serving but it is not. Thus, explains the satisfaction is not there. You can't really taste the fragrance of the chicken rice.

Some said five chicken rice ball equivalent of one plate of chicken rice. But i don't think the amount is equivalent as we ate more than five chicken rice ball.

Chicken rice ball must be served with steamed chicken. The chicken was served smooth and oily. However, the serving is cold and the taste is tasteless. I still prefer the first shop (Chung Wah) i ever tried when i went with my friends 1 year ago.

We ordered assam pedas fish and it taste not bad. The fish is tender and goes well with the assam pedas. It is spicy though. I mean spicy for me but my colleagues enjoyed it.

We also ordered cabbage to go with the rice. No much comment on the dish as it is just normal cooking style and the taste is acceptable.

Overall is ok but not up to my satisfaction level. We end up queuing at Chung Wah to tapao back to the bus and give everyone a try. My colleagues preferred Chung Wah rather than this. Chung Wah steamed chicken served hot and the texture is smoother and tasty. It goes well with their signature chicken rice ball.

However, if you guys prefer environment or atmosphere wise, Hoe Kee would be the better choice as it is air-conditioned and the space is much more spacious than Chung Wah. Both shops have their own crowd of customers. Fret not to miss out chicken rice ball as both shops are equally famous in Malacca.

But this is only my point of view in terms of the foods that i tasted.
No other particular reason :)


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