Second Visit to Porn's

It's my second visit to Porn's Thai restaurant owned by the singapore celebrity, Pornsak.
The link of my first post is here.

Had my pre-celebration new year with a friend which can consider as new friend, Charlene after work. Since she wanted to try Porn's restaurant so we headed to Liang street, located at Bugis for dining.

She ordered the Thai ice milk tea with the ice crushed filling up the glass. She love the drink and commented it is smoothing to her taste bud.

Pineapple Rice. We have to mix all the ingredients (Cashew nut, raisin, pineapple rice with prawn and chicken floss) together to have the combination taste. I don't really enjoy the taste as it is quite dry and you will feel thirsty after having it.

Green vegetables which taste spicy to me. The red chilli is very powerful. I can't take spicy foods but the dish is ok for me as i removed all the chilli before consuming it.
Nevertheless my friend commented delicious and crunchy taste of the vegetables.

Fried Fish with sweet & sour taste. Crispy on the outer part and smooth on the fish texture. Taste delicious and we gobbled up the whole fish.

Closer look of the fish with the ingredients sauce on top of the fish.

Red ruby is a must dessert in Thai's foods. I love to munch the red ruby but i still prefer Nakhon kitchen red ruby taste. This has too much of coconut milk taste. Overall it is acceptable. Huge portion for the price of SGD5.90 if not mistaken.

We spent around SGD62 for 2 pax for the dinner inclusive of service and GST tax. It is just nice portion for us as we shared the rice and ate with the dishes.

Of course a photo of both of us.

So this is Charlene and she is a sweet lady with lotsa smile on her face.

Nice dinner, nice companion.

Of course a good wrap up for the year with new friend and new insights from her :)


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