Timbre @ Arts House

Oppss...I missed out this post.
This is my Christmas Eve dinner post. I just realized it when i was browsing my photos :)

Swaying just by the river with gorgeous evening view with historic buildings view enhance the mood of the day. We needed to the recommended place called Timbre @ Arts House. There are other branches of Timbre in Singapore. Click on Timbre to find out more.

Timbre provides nice and cosy ambience for dinning in customers and provides the feeling of relaxation when you step into the restaurant.

Roasted Tomato with Crabmeat Mayo S$13
Tomato halves roasted with seasoning topped with fresh crabmeat in creamy mayonnaise. Super delicious and finger licking. I love the taste of the roasted tomato consume together with the crabmeat in creamy mayonnaise. I definitely will order this when i visit again.

Spicy Cajun Chicken & Basil Pizza S$18
Cajun spiced chicken with basil and tomato concasse on thin crusted pizza and mozzarella cheese. Thin crusted pizza truly bring out the fragrance of the ingredients on it and the cajun chicken and basil are all covered well with mozzarella cheese. Thin crusted pizza truly crispy.

Timbre Seafood Pizza S$20
Close up shot of the pizza. The pizza is covered with shrimps, squid rings,mussels and sliced chilli, tomato concasse on thin crust pizza and mozzarella cheese. The ingredients are evenly spread all over the thin crusted pizza. The taste of seafoods are fresh and yummy.

Roasted Duck Pizza S$20
Roasted duck breast,sauteed shiitake mushroom with Hoisin sauce, topped with crispy popiah skin and mozzarella cheese. This is the recommendation from one of the friend. Truly is true enough as you can have unexpected delicious taste of it. The crispiness popiah skin with the crack-crack sound and also the thin crusted pizza make the pizza more interesting. The roasted duck breast meat was just nice and not too hard to chew. However, i cannot taste the shiitake mushroom when i had it. Overall is thumbs up!

Lastly a group photo of the day...

The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane
Singapore 179429

Tel: 6336 3386

It will be best to make reservation during weekend as it's party weekend and many people are out for enjoyment :p


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