Jonker 88 Dessert Museum Cafe,Malacca

Oppss...i know this is super outdated post. I just realized the post is still in my draft post. We headed to Jonker Street to look for the famous dessert and nyonya assam laksa.

It is located at the name of shop called Jonker 88 Dessert Museum Cafe. It is always crowded with people. The cafe has the design of heritage style with antique and wooden furniture and displays inside the cafe. The wall are filled with Baba & Nyonya paintings and antique stuffs mounted on it. There are various vintage items surrounded the place.

Yunita & me

Yung Hue & me

The front shot of the shop. So we started our food tasting session.

Nyonya Laksa which looks surprisingly heavy taste but it is not.

In love with the gravy taste and simply delicious.

Nyonya Assam Laksa which taste just nice.

Not too sour and not too salty. It is just nice with bit of sweetness when you taste it.

Baba Chicken Laksa.

The noodle texture is just nice and the curry blend it well with the noodle when we have it together. You just can't get enough of it.

Malacca famous baba durian chendol.

The dessert is refreshing and aromatic taste. The chendol has the traditional way with gula melaka on top of the shredded ice.

Everything is gone!Everyone is happy with the foods.

Price range from RM4- RM5++. It is reasonable though.


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