Old Buddies

Headed to Secret Receipe @ KT for a tea break and meet up session with the guys. We ordered the chocolate banana cake & marble cheesecake on that day. The taste is just as fine as any other Secret Recipe branches where else.

Supposedly to meet up Rui on the fifth day of CNY but he was not around and postponed to the following day. So coincidence that Wei Chien is back to KT so rui gathered the rest to meet up in the afternoon. Everyone is late and i was the earliest waiting for the guys to arrive. Basically when they said 3pm means 3.30pm at their timing.

Had lotsa catch up over the tea break. These guys are such adored. They keep asking me to lower down the expectation and worry for me. I am so honored to have friends like these. Such a rare case as guys usually don't ask such stuffs. I think i am like buddy to them.

Nice companion, nice chit chat and good exposure and understanding the circle of life. We talked many stuffs. We talked about stages of life and what are the things that we are going through now. All already grown ups and have their own family. All has their own thinking and mindsets. Things are ever changing.

Regardless the changes, family bonding remain unchanged forever. I'm glad my family practiced a good habit of having dinner together every weekend without fail. It just happened naturally that everyone is back from spore and we settled down together by evening time to dine in at home. Mum cooked and she has the best cooking skill ever. We always finished up all the dishes that she cooked because it is way to delicious to waste it.Hehe!

Old buddies via family members are close to heart :)


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