Pu Tien Restaurant @ 127 Kitchener Road

Pardon me for the outdated post. Had cny reunion dinner with my secondary school seniors on day 10th of the festive season. Thanks to the organizer, Justin Yap who gathered everyone to sit together on the same table and gather session.

I was the second last to reach the place and it is already after 8.30pm. Everyone waited for more than an hour on that day as organizer mentioned that we will only start the dinner once everyone present. So nice of everyone so accomodating to the request.

So while waiting for the main course to be serve, we ordered 2 ala carte as appertizer.

Fresh cooked cockles with the special sauce which includes garlic and chillies in it. Taste refreshing and can't stop having it.

Carrot cake which taste ok only.

Finally everyone is here and we start the dinner rolling with the first dish.

"Yu Sheng"

Followed by the shark fin soup which is tasty.

As usual chicken is a must list in the course.

The chicken meat is tender and the skin of the chicken is crispy as well.

Tiger Prawn which the colour of the prawns are beautiful as shown in the photo.

As for the taste wise, it is not bad as well.

The signature Tofu which is full of praise by everyone. The Tofu is tender and smooth which goes extremely well with the sauce. It melts into the mouth. I miss having it now.
Steamed Fish which taste is good as well. The steaming timing were just nice as the meat texture of the fish is not too dry.

Perfect for the taste bud.

Interesting part here is that Pu Tien served sesame topping bun to go with the sliced pork.

They even prepare the plastic glove for us to prevent our hands to get dirty.

Lastly the dessert to mark the end of the dinner.

Red bean soup with dumplings with sesame filling in it.

Group photos of the dinner date.

Quick dinner as we finished everything within an hour as the restaurant is closing at 10pm. We basically start our dinner at 9pm. Tremendously fast in serving and prompt service as well.

Photos taken using iphone and some photos are credited to Justin Yap.

If you are interested to try on Pu Tien restaurant, please remember to order their signature tofu which you won't disappointed with it.

Click here for the outlets available in Singapore.


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